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Create Your Weather Forecast List

Planning a trip to China? You may find WeatherChina.org is useful for checking the weather in the areas you'll be visiting. By default, we list Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Lhasa and Xian at homepage. However you can create your own weather forecast list at this page. The list will be saved on your computer and so to check it is very easily just by entering this site.
Create your location list for your travel, we have a list of 2389 locations in China.

If you know which province and city your location is in, please select from the list below.

Prov. City District/County

Or you can enter your location directly, however it may not in our location list.


Degrees Units

Click to move down an item, to move up, to remove an item from the list. If no location in the list, then default weather list will be displayed (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Lhasa, Xian).

When completing your weather list, it will be saved as cookies of your browser, unless you remove them, next time when openning weatherchina.org, you can get the newest weather forecast. Bookmark this site.

Maybe 2389 locations are not enough, if your destination is not in our list, it's no problem, you can position it at our interactive China Weather Map , then choose a close location to apply as a weather forecast, for they are also at a similar altitude.

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Enter your China city or place, we have over 2300 locations in China.
China Weather Map
Interactive China weather map. Select your location on the map and check 5 day weather forecast.
China Weather Map
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Major China City Weather Forecasts

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