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Hong Kong Weather Forecast and Hong Kong Climate
Hong Kong Weather Forecast
General Information
Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical, tending towards temperate for nearly half the year. In winter, there are pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Snow and frost are unlikely to form as sub-zero Celsius temperatures very rarely occur at sea level. March and April can also be very pleasant although there are occasional spells of high humidity. Fog and drizzle can be particularly troublesome on high ground. June to September are hottest months of the year during which Hong Kong is most likely to be affected by tropical cyclones, although gales are not unusual at any time between May and November. In autumn the weather is generally sunny, with less frequent rainfall.
Weather forecast is provided by China Meteorological Administration.
Climate information is based on monthly averages for 30-year period of 1971-2000.
Precipitation includes both rain and snow.
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